Requests for Leave of Absence

We always encourage our pupils to be in school everyday as we know that those who are frequently absent, miss much of their learning and often find it hard to catch up. However, we also understand that children can be ill and in such cases ask parents to inform us of their child's absence on the first day, by contacting the school office. 

Whilst we discourage time off for children, parents can make requests for leave of absence by completing and returning the form below. The form also outlines the circumstances in which leave could be authorised, as well as when it could not be (such as for holidays).  

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Absence and Medication

At St Bede's our aim is to take good care of your children while they are at our school. However there will be times when your child is unwell. Please see below our guidelines which will help you determine when to keep your child at home and also regarding the administering of medication.

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