At St Bede’s we expect our pupils to come to school smartly dressed and ready to learn. After all, our appearance can often reflect our state of mind! Please note the photographs below which illustrate our school uniform:

School Uniform

All children are required to wear the school uniform. They are expected to be neat and tidy at all times. Girls’ long hair should be tied back. Boys’ hair should be short, not shorn. Shoes should be regularly cleaned/polished. Wearing of jewellery is not encouraged. We advise parents to avoid having their child’s ears pierced as earrings present a health and safety hazard and are not allowed for P.E. Our aim is to keep fashion statements out of our children’s appearance to avoid distractions in school.


Girls wear a Navy V-neck jumper or cardigan (available from Skoolkit), embossed with the St. Bede’s logo, white short-sleeved shirt (long sleeves optional for Juniors), a school tie (available from Skoolkit) and a grey skirt or pinafore dress (knee length, pleated or ‘A’ line – NOT straight). Navy/white/grey knee length socks/or grey/navy tights should be worn (short socks in summer – optional). Standard grey trousers may be worn, but stretch material and bootleg trousers are not acceptable.

Summer Term only – Dark blue and white checked gingham summer dress.

Hair bands, ribbons etc: navy/brown/black in winter – navy/white in summer – NOT bright-multi-coloured varieties and no scarves.


Boys wear a Navy V-neck sweater (available from Skoolkit), embossed with the St. Bede’s logo, white short-sleeved shirt (long sleeves optional for Juniors), a school tie (available from Skoolkit) and long/short grey trousers. Navy/white/grey socks should be worn (plain not patterned).

Summer Term only – white short-sleeved polo shirt, grey tailored shorts optional.


Plain black/brown/navy/grey flat-heeled sensible shoes.

(NO trainers, fashion shoes or boots allowed).

Optional Uniform Items

A reversible navy blue fleece with the school badge is available from Skoolkit.

Year 6 Ties

As a special privilege, children in Year 6 will wear a different tie from that worn by other children in the School. The tie signifies the special position of Year 6 in School and re-enforces the message of responsibility, maturity and the good example expected. The privilege of wearing the tie may be withdrawn if there is inappropriate behaviour.

P.E./Games Kit

To comply with health and safety guidelines, children are expected to change into the correct kit for P.E. as follows: School PE T-Shirt embossed with the St. Bede’s logo (available from Skoolkit). Navy shorts (available from Skoolkit).Trainers for outside PE lessons. Cycling shorts/P.E. skirts are not appropriate.

During cold weather, a plain navy tracksuit will be necessary.

All kit should be marked, stored in a school P.E. bag and taken home regularly for washing.

P.E. Bags are available from SKoolkit embossed with the school logo.

Book Bags

Your child will need a St Bede’s Book Bag (available from Skoolkit) to keep reading books, homework, worksheets and newsletters clean and dry.

Optional Uniform Items

A reversible navy blue fleece, navy baseball cap and navy safari cap are also available from Skoolkit. These are all embossed with the school logo.


These should be of sensible plain or co-ordinated colours without logos or markings.

Apart from the particular items available from the Skoolkit, the uniform may be purchased from most department stores e.g. Tesco’s, Marks & Spencer, BHS etc.

All belongings should be clearly marked with your child’s name.