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Illness & Medication

Illness in School

If your child is unwell during school hours, we contact parents by telephone. It is essential that we have up-to-date Emergency Contact Details at all times. Sick children are looked after until their parents arrive. Cuts, bumps and bruises which occur at playtime or in games lessons are dealt with by qualified staff, or Supervisory Assistants. A "Bump" note is sent home to inform parents as considered appropriate.

Care Plans

If your child has a Care Plan it is the Parent/Carer's responsibility to provide the school with a copy, along with any medication that your child has been prescribed.  It is essential that we have up-to-date Emergency Contact Details at all times .

If you are in the process of having your child assesed by the hospital for any allergies, unfortunately we will be unable to provide your child with a school dinner.  Therefore you will need to provide your child with a packed lunch, until the care plan has been issued.

Medicines in School

Parents who wish prescribed medicines to be given to their child at school must sign a consent form for this.  The form requires information about the medication involved, circumstances under which it should be administered, frequency and level of dosage. All medicine/tablets must be handed to the front desk for safekeeping. Please tell your child's teacher and the front desk of any medical condition your child has that we should be aware of while he/she is in our care.


A child with asthma may have an inhaler, which may need to be used regularly, or before exercise, or when your child becomes wheezy. Inhalers are kept in your child's classroom and clearly labelled, where they have easy access to it.

Contact telephone number

We require a contact telephone for every child in school, in case we need to contact parents in an emergency.  If a child sustains an injury or becomes very ill, and it is deemed necessary for them to be seen by a medical professional we will make every effort to contact the parent before or after the emergency services have been called.

Infectious diseases

We need to know, as soon as possible, if your child catches an infectious disease, acquires head lice, or develops a verruca. Below is a list of infectious disease and minimum recommended periods away from school.

  • Chicken Pox   -  Do Not return to school until the last Pox has scabbed over.
  • Mumps   -          Do Not return to school until the swelling subsides
  • Flu -                   Do Not return to school until the child is physically well.
  • Impetigo -          Do Not return to school until lesions are crusted and healed.
  • Ring Worm -      Do Not return to school until your child has been medically treated.
  • Conjunctivitus - Do Not return to school until 24 hours after your child has been medically treated.

Head Lice

Any child can catch head lice from an infected person at any time. Please consult your Chemist or Surgery on the most up-to-date guidelines for treatment. Please inform the school if your child is infected.


A Verruca is a wart on the sole of the foot, which is painful and infectious. Your family doctor will advise you on trearment. Please inform the school and keep the infected foot covered.


If your child is suffering from sickness and/or diarrhoea, please keep them off school for 24 hours after the last bout of sickness/diarrhoea.

Absent Note

If your child has been off school for any reason, please call in on the day of absence 01256 533079.

When your child is well enough to return to school, please send in a note or an email, explaining why they have been off.