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This is a great opportunity to give our new children a chance to explore the Early Years classroom and outdoor areas and meet the adults they will work with. For some children it can be quite daunting to visit a big school when it is already full of children, so this scheduled session allows them to investigate the EYFS classrooms and outdoor areas without our current pupils being present.

The children will be able to play with resources inside and outside of the classrooms. This is a good time for our new parents/carers and children to stay and play together. It is also a super chance to meet our Early Years Team and mix with other parents/carers informally.

Stay and Play Session 1 (During The School Day)

The children will be invited to a morning OR afternoon session on Thursday 1st July.

Morning 10-11am

Afternoon 1.55-2.55pm (times subject to change)

The children will be given a session to attend to make the groups smaller for the first visit. This will be your child’s first opportunity to spend some time in school. You will be met by the Early Years Teachers who will then take the children down to the classrooms.

During the hour session, the children will be given opportunity to play and familiarise themselves again with the environment and start to get to know some of the other children who will be in their year group cohort.

By having half the class in for each session, we hope it is less daunting for the children, and is also an opportunity for our staff to get to know the children better.

Stay and Play Session 2 (After The School Day)
For this session on Tuesday 13th July, all children are invited to come for a visit after our school day has finished (4 – 5pm).

This will be the final visit for your children before they start with us full time and will be the only time that the children all come in at the same time. Once again, they will then get to play with a range of exciting new activities and get to know the children in their class a little better.


More information will be given at our New Parents Meeting.