Our curriculum

Our teaching at St. Bede's is carried out through a broad and rich curriculum that gives the opportunity for all to succeed and fulfil their potential.

We constantly review, develop, refine and improve our curriculum so that it addresses the needs and interests of our children; ensuring that it goes beyond the traditional academic curriculum provision. Our Mission Statement informed by Gospel Values and Jesus' Commandment to "Love One Another" is always at the heart of all we do. We ensure a focus on the personal development of the pupils with an emphasis on spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects and personal and social health education, helping pupils to know the difference between right and wrong.

We want our curriculum to develop our children as young citizens, who help others within our community whilst achieving the highest possible personal achievements and academic outcomes.

Please see details below about how the curriculum is taught in each year group.

Year R

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Year 3

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Year 6

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Year 1

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Year 4

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Curriculum Map

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Year 2

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Year 5

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