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We believe that our school environment plays a very important role in the quality of the education that we provide for our pupils. If the educational environment demonstrates aspiration and high standards, these are then passed on to our children. Our school display policy ensures that teachers produce displays that engage and enthuse children and give them examples of what can be achieved with a little imagination and effort. The pictures below show some examples of the creative work of our staff.

We’ve worked hard to provide a variety of learning areas which address pupils’ academic, spiritual, physical and emotional needs. We have a beautiful library based on a forest theme, a large and secure field where we are able to allow the children the freedom to enjoy sports and physical activities, an up-to-date ICT suite which allows classes of 30 to all use a PC each, a woodland area where our pupils learn in and about the natural environment and a beautiful prayer garden where children come together to pray. We’re also right next door to St Bede’s Church and benefit from many opportunities to visit and pray throughout the year.