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In the Spring term of 2022, the school asked parents about their views on life here at St Bede’s. The extremely positive responses can be seen in the results below:

77 Responses


Results are percentages

Strongly agreeAgreeTOTAL AGREEDisagreeStrongly disagreeDon’t


My child is happy at this school554095131
My child feels safe at this school593897011
My child makes good progress at this school494796013
My child is well looked after at this school633295014
My child is taught well at this school633597110
My child receives appropriate homework for their age464995311
This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved533487319
This school deals effectively with bullying2325485146
This school is well led and managed573692115
The Catholic ethos of the school is fostered well623699110
This school responds well to any concern I raise4733804115
I would recommend St Bede’s to other parents692493313
I receive valuable information about my  child’s progress404990415
St Bede’s is an inclusive community and incidents of discrimination are rare4738851115


School response:

Thank you to the parents who took the time to provide their views via our annual survey this year. Historically we usually receive over 200 responses, so we were a little disappointed to only receive 77 this year, which may mean that the overall responses don’t typify the common view.

However, we are pleased that in the main, the responses were very positive and point to the fact that parents are generally very happy with the provision that their children receive.

As is usual, many parents stated that they didn’t know how well the school deals with bullying and as we have mentioned previously, we believe this is because bullying is very unusual at St Bede’s and as such, most parents have fortunately not had to find out how we address this issue.  For further information about bullying, our behaviour policy details how we address it.

We’d also assume that in a similar way, those who said that they don’t know whether the school responds well to their concerns, or whether the school is an inclusive community, did so because they have no direct experience of these issues.

In terms of overall feedback, there were no prominent themes that arose. However some parents felt that communication is strong at St Bede’s whilst a few others felt it could be improved. We are currently looking at this and the possibility of streamlining our ways of communicating to make this easier. More information will follow on this point in due course.