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We are providing you with information about a typical school day, resources children need, ideas to help prepare your child for school through answering frequently asked questions as below.

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The children in EYFS have ‘self-selecting’ snack. They will bring a fruit or vegetable snack to school, which they have access to in the classroom. They will choose when they want to have that, during their child-initiated time.


At lunchtime, the children will eat their lunch in our school hall. Once finished they will play on the Key Stage One playground, which is situated in front of the Year R building. They will have an opportunity during the week to have a turn on our trim trail.

Part of the EYFS curriculum is for the children to learn to dress themselves. They will be encouraged to have a go themselves as much as possible with support from the adults. They will get more support at the start of the school year and we will endeavour to make them as independent as possible. We would encourage lots of practise at home to ensure children become confident at how to get undressed and dressed.

Children are asked to bring a fruit or vegetable snack. We also ask that they only have water in their water bottle.

We tend to start our PE sessions after the first few weeks of school. We help the children to settle into the many new routines, rules and environment before adding PE. IT can be quite overwhelming for the children due to having to get changed and going somewhere else. So don’t feel the need to rush to get a PE kit, as they may not wear it to begin with. You will given notice before the children need PE kits in school.

We would expect that parents are well prepared for the children to start school, so that they are comfortable in what they need to have for school. However, we understand that often circumstances may prevent this. Please let a member of staff know if you are struggling with any items, so that we are aware or we may be able to help in the meantime.

As part of our acceptance information, we ask parents to let us know if your child knows anyone starting at our school. We endeavour to put familiar children together to support with transition. Sometimes this is not possible due to the nature of a large cohort.

Due to our catchment we often have children coming from many different nurseries. Although it can be daunting for a child who doesn’t know anyone, we can assure you that there will be many children in the same situation. Our stay and play sessions are designed for children (and parents) to begin to get to know each other to help ‘break the ice’ for September. Our curriculum is based on children having a secure foundation in their personal, social and emotional skills so we spend a lot of time in the first few week getting to know each other and supporting the children to create friendships.

Absolutely not! Children need to have many other aspects of learning in place prior to Phonics and Maths. The reception year is all about securing our social skills, physical skills and communication skills to create a solid foundation ready to learn the more formal skills.

From a childcare point of view, we run a Breakfast and After School club on our school site.

During the school year, our staff offer a variety of clubs across all year groups. Children will be offering to attend the club, as and when it is running. The clubs that are offered may vary across the year due to them being run by our teachers and TA’s.

If you have any further questions which need answering please email and ask for your question.