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There are a wealth of wide- ranging clubs and activities on offer to the children which take place before, during and after the school day, which complement and enhance the children’s learning. They provide fun, enriching and stimulating learning experiences which are greatly enjoyed by the children taking part.

Clubs are typically led by teachers who feel passionately that all children benefit from trying a variety of new experiences which they may not otherwise have the opportunity to take part in. These take place within a fun, structured and safe learning environment. Many clubs change termly, in order to offer a broad range of activities to the children throughout the year.

Sports clubs are both competitive and non-competitive, with many opportunities for children to represent the school at local competition level and sometimes at regional and national level. Sports clubs range from football, rugby, athletics, netball, dance, cricket and multi-skills.

Curriculum clubs are many and varied and reflect the interests and passions of the staff. These vary in nature, but typically include clubs such as art, orchestra club, Lego and coding club. In addition to the teacher-led clubs, there are also a range of clubs provided by outside providers which incur a small charge. These typically include Spanish club and Rock–Steady.

The school has a strong musical tradition and musical activities play a big part in school life. In Key Stage 2, all children learn to play a musical instrument, taught by Hampshire Music Service. Children also have the opportunity to learn a brass, woodwind or stringed instrument and many children learn to play the piano, guitar or drums by peripatetic teachers.

We have a very successful choir who perform not only in School, but also showcase their skills by performing in excellent concerts for the school, parents and wider community.