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Useful websites

 Classics for kids 
Learn all about composers and the orchestra

 Music K-8Kids 
Lots of fun games about music

 Sphynx Kids 
Classical Music Interactive Learning and Games for Kids

 Creating music  
online music creation and exploration through interactive games.

 Online music games 
loads of online music games


Interactive Activities

BBC Teach, Nursery Rhymes

BBC School Radio, Listening Skills: Music

BBC School Radio, Listening Skills: Rhythm

BBC School Radio, Listening Skills - General Page

BBC Bring the Noise
[various resources, including 'Play It' which is a game that tests out various musical elements. 'Sonic Explorers' is a series about exploration of sound in the environment and at home.]

EYFS/KS1 music at home

BBC Bitesize, KS2 Music 
[videos and games covering various musical concepts]

BBC Ten Pieces

Music Progression of skills

 Music progression of skills.pdfDownload
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